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What is Global VolunTourism?

Global VolunTourism (GVT) is the perfect combination of travel and volunteer service, creating a new twist on travel. It provides you a chance to connect to the countries and communities that you are visiting either as a tourist or business traveler. GVT allows you to design your volunteering experience based on your destination, interests, and duration.

Traveling to make a difference.
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What Can I Do?

Our Global VolunTourism programs welcome all individuals - young to old -with all levels of life-skills, novice to expert. We want your trip to be a life changing experience for you, and the lives you touch. Our Global VolunTourism programs range from one day, to one week or more.

Charitable Causes and Activities Now

Penny Appeal is a UK charity established in 2009 and working in over 30 countries worldwide with the ultimate goal to alleviate poverty worldwide. Recently, Mehwish Hayat, the Pakistani actress and singer, has taken on the role of goodwill ambassador for the global humanitarian charity Penny Appeal which works in 30 countries, including Africa, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhuttan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Ms Hayat was educated at the University of Karachi, later as an actress she won a nomination for Best actress at Lux Style Awards. Aamer Naeem, Penny Appeal CEO said, "As a British Muslim-led charity, we are delighted to welcome award-winning actress Mehwish Hayat as Penny Appeal's newest ambassador. Having Mehwish join the Penny Appeal family will undoubtedly help to improve the lives of thousands of children in Pakistan and around the world."

One of Ambassador Mehwish Hayat's first major fund raiser events will be running 26.2 miles in the London Marathon next year. Incidentally, Mehwish will be the first South Asian actress to participate in the London Marathon. Proceeds from her event will be used for the rebuilding of five schools in Sukkur, Pakistan. The projected schools will have a capacity of 618 children. Currently in Pakistan, 33% of boys do not go to school and 50% of girls do not go to school. Studies have shown that each year of school raises the earning power by 10%. Mehwish believes that girls should have the same opportunity as boys to gain an education. These new schools will help raise tens of thousands of Pakistani children from poverty. Mehwish's personal ambition is to raise £100,000 to rebuild the five schools. If just 1,000 people were to donate £100 Mehwish's goal would be met. But, the donations can be in many different denominations and many are described on Penny Appeal's website ranging from £20 to £5,000. For example, a £50 donation could provide textbooks and stationery.

Penny Appeal's philosophy is that just pennies a day can change lives for the better and for a life time and that education is the main avenue that will improve lives and raise children from poverty. To that end, PennyAppeal provides water solutions such as their Thirst Relief program that builds deep wells in communities that have never has access to clean drinking water. Another important program is their Fragile Lives Appeal which helps mothers to give birth to healthy babies and feeds those babies later. Currently, Penny Appeal's Fragile Lives program is supporting over a half million people with medical services such as the much needed maternal health care and child nutrition..

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